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Hi, I’m Riley.

I'm an actor and love writing and creating things!! This website is largely about my comedy/musical projects which you can see liveeeee. I've recently performed my solo debut 'Manifesto' around Australia in 2022, and am currently cooking up my next 'thing'. I have a movie coming about soon called 'Strange Creatures'. Nice to meet you :).

tldr; I like writing, performing and acting - come see a show! - in which I get to follow my heart, and you (the audience!) get to enjoy hopefully heartwarming entertainment that also subtly questions everything you thought you knew about your life - but still leaves you feeling happier than when you walked in the room.

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I am following my heart. I love acting, creating music, making people laugh and above all telling a story. There is often so much I want to say that I can’t put into spoken words… but I love crafting them into lyrics and melodies.

There is so much good in the world, but also bad, and some things that I can’t stop thinking about is how technology is causing us to be so disconnected. Look around your train or bus, look around the restaurant, pub or cafe, look at your students in class… most people are on their phones/watches/devices. Is it fine? Or is it resistance. Is it people who are so scared of human connection, of looking someone in the eye and being vulnerable, that we cover it up with buying stuff we don’t need to distract us from the truth that we are desperately unhappy…

OR - is it fine? I’m a fan of Candy Crush too so, you know, balance.

If any of this has resonated, you might enjoy coming along to one of my shows.


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