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“Look! Over there! It’s…. it’s me!”

Riley Nottingham is an artist, songwriter, actor, comedian, producer and musician, and one of Australia’s most productive talents. He’s been entertaining people since he was 10, acting in television since he was 18, and creating TV shows, films and theatrical productions since he was about 21. Now that he’s about to turn 95, he has accomplished everything he ever wanted.

That’s right, you don’t need to keep reading anymore. I mean sure, if you really want to know details of where his next show is touring () then I guess you could keep reading.

Or if you’re a fan of him as Dr Langdon Marsh from the sitcom Metro Sexual , or if you and your kids know him as Tom from Toybox. Or if you are someone who just likes reading websites, then you can keep reading.

Who is he? … he’s someone following his heart and helping make you smile along the way.


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